Brand Evolution

The Óscar Solana brand has undergone a significant evolution over time. Initially, the brand was known as “Vermut La Solía”. During that period, it specialised in the production of La Solía vermouth for cocktail bars, offering a single variety under the name of La Solía red vermouth.

Subsequently, the brand decided to change its identity and was renamed “Vermut Óscar Solana”. This name change represented a strategy to highlight the surname of the company’s founder and to give the brand a personal touch. During this stage, Vermut Óscar Solana continued to offer its original red vermouth, maintaining its quality and tradition and expanding the range with white vermouth, a unique product based on proximity in km 0, using a second maceration in Eucalyptus.

More recently, the brand has taken another step in its evolution and has simplified its name to “Vermut Ó”. This change reflects a strategy of modernisation and adaptation to current market trends. With this transformation, Vermut Ó seeks to position itself as a contemporary and attractive brand for a wider public, without losing its essence and quality.

Throughout these evolutions, Vermut Óscar Solana has maintained its commitment to the artisanal production of vermouth, using high quality ingredients and following traditional recipes. These changes in the brand reflect an adaptation to market tastes and preferences, as well as a search for greater relevance and differentiation in an increasingly competitive sector.

Picture of Óscar Solana

Óscar Solana

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