History and production of vermouth Ó

Óscar Solana’s Vermut Rojo Ó is an emblematic and distinctive creation in the world of vermouths. Its history goes back to Óscar Solana’s passion for mixology and his desire to offer a unique experience to lovers of this classic drink.

The production of Vermut Rojo Ó is based on a careful artisanal process that combines tradition and innovation. The recipe has been perfected over time, using the highest quality ingredients and following rigorous production standards.

In the production of this vermouth, a variety of botanicals are carefully selected, including aromatic herbs, spices, roots and citrus peels. These ingredients are macerated in a selected wine base, allowing the flavours and aromas to blend harmoniously.

One of the distinctive aspects of Vermut Rojo Ó is the second maceration, where the main ingredient, port tea or rock tea, is introduced. This special addition brings a unique and characteristic note to the vermouth, enhancing its flavour profile and adding an enchanting touch.

After the maceration and filtering process, a careful blending is carried out to ensure the uniformity and quality of the final product. Finally, the Vermut Rojo Ó is bottled and is ready to be tasted and enjoyed.

The result is a red vermouth of great personality, with a balance between sweetness, bitterness and herbal notes. Its complex and distinctive flavour makes it an ideal choice to enjoy as an aperitif, on its own or in classic and contemporary cocktails.

Óscar Solana’s Vermut Rojo Ó has gained recognition for its exceptional quality and craftsmanship. It is the result of Óscar Solana’s passion and dedication to offer a unique and delightful experience to all those who appreciate the elegance and sophistication of a good vermouth.

Óscar Solana

Óscar Solana

Member of The Crew, a group of expert bartender ambassadors for Royal Bliss

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