History of Cannagin by Óscar Solana

Let me take you on a journey through a captivating story, where Cannagin gin comes to life with every sip. As Global Brand Ambassador for this unique brand, I want to share with you the essence and spirit that make Cannagin a unique experience.

Imagine a sunset in the enchanting city of Córdoba, where the sun tinges the horizon with golden hues. It is in this magical setting that Cannagin is born, a gin that captures the essence of southern Spain and transforms it into an exceptional drink.

In my quest to create something truly unique, I carefully selected 20 botanicals that represent the richness of the region. Each brings its own history and personality to this handcrafted gin. From orange and lemon, which evoke Andalusian courtyard gardens, to the olive leaf, a symbol of peace and prosperity in this land.

But there is one ingredient that makes Cannagin stand out from all other gins: hemp. This ancient plant, known for its unique properties, brings a distinctive nuance and unrivalled distinction to our gin. Its presence transports us to the fields, where sun and earth come together to create something truly special.

The process of making Cannagin is a true art. We use the highest quality grain alcohol as a base and take care of every detail at every stage of the process. Distillation is carried out masterfully, allowing the aromas and flavours of the botanicals to fully express themselves, while the hemp adds its distinctive touch and an elegant herbal note.

Once the gin has acquired its unique character, we finish it at 38 proof to maintain a perfect balance between the potency of the flavours and the smoothness in the mouth. It is at this point that every sip of Cannagin becomes a sensory experience that transports you to the sunny landscapes of southern Spain.

Cannagin gin has been recognised and awarded in the most prestigious international competitions, but for me, the real success lies in the passion it awakens in those who enjoy it. It is an honour to be the Global Brand Ambassador for this brand and to be able to share my love for mixology and the exceptional quality of Cannagin with people all over the world.

So, I invite you to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Cannagin. Let the citrus flavours unfold on your palate, let the smoothness and freshness envelop you and let the magic of hemp transport you to a place of true wonder. Discover for yourself why Cannagin is so much more than a gin – it’s an experience you’ll never forget.


Óscar Solana

Óscar Solana

Member of The Crew, a group of expert bartender ambassadors for Royal Bliss

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