History of Rum Ó

Let me share with you the story behind Ron Ó. My name is Óscar Solana, and every day behind the bar of my bar, I seek to create unforgettable experiences through mixology.

Ron Ó is the fruit of my tireless search for perfection in every drop. Since I decided to venture into the creation of this rum, I have been fully committed to exploring the limits of flavours and textures, and finding the perfect balance that captivates the most demanding palates.

With passion and dedication, I carefully selected the Panama sugar cane malt base, knowing that its sweetness and character would provide a solid foundation for my creation. But I wanted to go further, to add that touch of uniqueness that would make Ron Ó something truly special.

That’s when I decided to incorporate absinthe, the main plant in the making of my renowned Ó vermouth. With its complexity and unique notes, I knew it would be the perfect ingredient to give Ron Ó personality and distinction.

The distillation and ageing process in new, porous white oak barrels was a true ritual. For a year, the rum rested in these barrels, acquiring its deep, bright amber colour and absorbing the aromas of the wood, which added an extra dimension to its character.

When the time comes to taste it, Ron Ó reveals its unique essence. Each sip is a journey of warm, velvety flavours that caress the palate. Caramel, vanilla and subtle spices intertwine in a dance of exquisiteness, while the wood contributes its smoky touch that evokes the elegance of great whiskies.

Every time I pour a glass of Ó Rum, I can feel my passion transcend the bar and reach out to those who taste it. It is a rum that awakens the senses, that transports you to a world of delight and leaves an indelible mark on every soul who dares to taste it.

Óscar Solana’s Ron Ó has been recognised and awarded prizes in the most prestigious international competitions, but for me, the real reward lies in the sparkle in the eyes of those who enjoy it. It is tangible proof that my quest for excellence and my passion for mixology have resulted in something truly extraordinary.

Let me share my passion with you and take you on an unforgettable journey through Ó Rum. Discover the captivating flavours, silky texture and magic that only this rum can offer. From the bottom of my heart, I invite you to explore the world of mixology and be amazed by Óscar Solana’s most exciting creation: Ron Ó.

Óscar Solana

Óscar Solana

Member of The Crew, a group of expert bartender ambassadors for Royal Bliss

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