Box 3 bottles Rum Ó

Box 3 bottles Rum Ó

Aged in American oak barrels. Macerated in absinthe.

Born from a unique recipe, specially developed for use in cocktails. Macerated in absinthe and aged in American oak barrels with 100% Panama sugar cane. A rum from the hand of Óscar Solana, one of the best bartenders in Spain, born of perfection and experience behind the bar.


Nota de cata

Óscar Solana’s Ron Ó has a deep, bright amber colour with golden highlights, reflecting its ageing in new, porous white oak barrels.
On the nose, there is a marked aroma of wood from its ageing in new barrels. Intense notes of oak, with hints of smoke and spice. These elements give Ó rum a distinctive characteristic that may initially remind one of a quality whisky.
On the palate, Ó rum surprises with its complexity. Warm, velvety flavours are experienced, where wood merges with notes of caramel, vanilla and mild spices. As it develops on the palate, fruity nuances and a balance between sweetness and subtle bitterness are revealed.
Rum Ó has a silky, slightly oily texture, which glides smoothly in the mouth, allowing a full appreciation of its flavours and aromas.

This rum is ideal to enjoy on its own or with a good cigar, as its complexity and robust character complement the smoking experience. It also pairs well with aged cheeses, dark chocolate and desserts with intense flavours.

Óscar Solana’s Ron Ó stands out for its woody aroma, obtained thanks to its ageing in new, porous barrels. This distinctive feature, together with its complex flavour profile and silky texture, makes it a fascinating choice for those who appreciate depth and personality in a rum.

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