Box of 6 bottles of White Vermouth Ó

Box of 6 bottles of White Vermouth Ó

Artisan vermouth from Cantabria, macerated in eucalyptus.

It is an artisan vermouth from Cantabria with a golden colour. It has the aroma of the forests of Cantabria, persistent and with an intense spicy nose where you can distinguish an intense aroma of eucalyptus with hints of sage, chlorophyll, citronella, rosemary and hints of liquorice. Wild herbs such as camomile, pennyroyal, laurel, coriander, as well as the hints of the Cantabrian forests provided by the eucalyptus.


Nota de cata

Óscar Solana White Vermouth has a pale, bright golden colour, with greenish reflections that give it freshness and elegance in the glass.
On the nose, delicate herbal and floral notes are discernible, where the main differentiating ingredient is eucalyptus. Eucalyptus provides a refreshing, slightly minty aroma, which mingles with fresh herbal notes such as dill and sage. These aromas are complemented by subtle hints of white flowers, creating a sophisticated and seductive aromatic experience.
On the palate, Óscar Solana Blanco Vermouth displays a delicate and balanced palette of flavours. Citrus and herbal notes are prominent, with hints of green apple and pear adding freshness. Eucalyptus, as the main ingredient, adds an extra layer of freshness and distinctive flavour. The bitterness is smooth and harmonious, enhancing the overall flavours.
With a smooth and silky texture in the mouth, Óscar Solana White Vermouth has a balanced acidity that enhances its freshness and makes it very pleasant to drink.

This vermouth pairs perfectly with fresh seafood, such as oysters and prawns, as well as with light salads and fish dishes.

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