Introduction to mixology

Introduction to mixology

The aim of the Introduction to Mixology course is to provide participants with an overview of the fundamentals and basic concepts of mixology, giving them the necessary knowledge to understand and create cocktails effectively. Throughout the course, students will learn about ingredients, techniques and the basic principles of balance and creativity in mixology.

Duration: 2,5 hours



  1. Introduction to mixology (30 minutes)
    • Definition and concept of mixology.
    • Brief history of mixology and its evolution.
    • Importance of mixology in the hospitality industry.
  2. Ingredients and tools of mixology (30 minutes)
    • Description of the basic ingredients: liqueurs, spirits, juices, etc.
    • Essential mixology tools and utensils.
    • Types of glassware used in the presentation of cocktails.
  3. Cocktail preparation techniques (30 minutes)
    • Mixing and stirring techniques.
    • Use of ice and appropriate dilution.
    • Garnishing and garnishing cocktails.
  4. Principles of balance and creativity (30 minutes)
    • Basic flavours and how to balance them: sweet, sour, bitter, salty.
    • Rules of proportion in mixology.
    • Encouraging creativity in the creation of cocktails.
  5. Practice and tasting (30 minutes)
    • Practical session for participants to put into practice what they have learned.
    • Preparation and tasting of classic and contemporary cocktails.


The Introduction to Mixology course will be conducted through a combination of theoretical presentations and practical sessions. Participants will receive a theoretical introduction to the basics of mixology, followed by practical demonstrations by Oscar Solana.

At the end of the course, each participant will receive a certificate of attendance.

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